An increasing number of people now regard living a fit and healthy lifestyle as an important goal. In this digital age, people look toward social media for guidance.

In the health and fitness industry, many players have built their following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube and offer smartphone apps to make achieving fitness goals easier.

We will identify some of the most influential blogs in the health and fitness field:



PeopleBeatingCancer is an interactive website offering cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers information, education, and cancer coaching.



MightyCaseyMedia is the online home of a healthcare policy wonk and data privacy activist Casey Quinlan, where she blends her background in network news and standup comedy to inform her health policy work. You can find links there to her podcast, Healthcare Is HILARIOUS! and her Amazon bestseller Cancer for Christmas: Making the Most of a Daunting Gift.


Sober Living

We are a group of highly structured, highly productive sober living homes. Our focus is not on just avoiding drugs and alcohol. That creates misery. And we want to create a life more than that.