How to Combat Stress and Anxiety as You Start High School

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Starting high school is no small thing. It’s a change that can bring about plenty of tension even if we’re prepared for it, and the fear of failure can loom close and make us feel even more stressed with each passing test. Finding strategies to cope with and lower the anxiety you experience is essential not only for your academic success but your mental health as well. If you need help figuring out how to start your first year at high school and not go crazy from the drastic change, we’re here for you. Tips for stress management are coming your way!

See your doctor

Before you even get to high school, go for a health check-up. Have all your blood works done, and ask your GP for a standard medical exam. If there are any issues, it’s best to know now rather than to let the school year start and have your health become a problem. You want to make sure you’re in top shape, and if you aren’t, you’ll want to address the problems and resolve them before they start distracting you from studying. Beside your GP, it’s definitely a good idea to see an ophthalmologist as well, just in case you might need glasses.

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Keep your diet healthy

A lot of high school students live on coffee, energy drinks, and sugary snacks, and they use them to push through classes and long nights spent studying for tests. While there’s nothing wrong with indulging in these occasions, you shouldn’t make a habit of relying on caffeine to keep you awake and focused. Having a regular sleeping schedule and sticking to a healthy diet will do a much better job of improving your concentration, and it won’t damage your health and make you addicted. Try to cook whenever you can, and keep a ton of healthy snacks around for when you’re feeling a hunger pang. The dining room at the dorms should also have healthy options available, so train yourself to always reach for veggie-filled meals and to eat fruits for dessert.

Use physical activity to de-stress

If you can, sign up for a sport because there are always plenty of teams and groups available. If you don’t think you’ll be able to organize yourself around that kind of schedule, try working out at your home or apartment – that’s free, and you can do it pretty much whenever you find some spare time. A simple daily workout can really help you keep your health in check, but it can also really help release the tension that’s brewing inside your mind. If you’re feeling lost and insecure, if you can’t focus on studying, do a workout. You’ll sweat it out and feel better, and once you take a shower and eat a nice snack you’ll be ready to tackle on any challenge.

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Look for scholarships if you need financial support

Students are often discouraged from pursuing their dreams due to the lack of financial means. This further affects their mental well-being and consequently their capacity to deal with the challenges of academic pursuits. That’s why finding the appropriate support that will help you feel comfortable and ready to take on the challenges of the student life is more important than you think. Luckily, nowadays there are great people and renowned education foundation scholarships that are bound to help you get the equipment and services you need to achieve your academic goals. Knowing that there are people who will gladly help you on your journey will ease your mind and positively affect your overall well-being.

Talk to a counsellor

Another way to get support is specifically through student counselling that should be available at pretty much any educational institution. These are trained professionals who will know what you’re going through, and you absolutely shouldn’t be shy to ask them for help or advice. If you feel tension growing, don’t try to push it down. Talk it out with someone, get it out in the open. You’ll have a better picture of what you’re dealing with, and you won’t have to deal with it alone.

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Final thoughts

Most of all, remember that this is probably going to be a very great part of your life. It’s new, exciting, and inspiring, and you’ll get to learn a ton of new things. Being a teenager and managing your own life is one of them, so relax and start looking forward to your education.

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