A Complete Guide to Renting a Dumpster for Large Projects

There are a lot of factors to consider before one decides to rent roll-off dumpsters for a massive construction site. Or, the same may be required for a demolition project. The primary factors are the type, weight or volume, and time period. The secondary factors include the availability of the provider’s rented stock container, and some more. All these indicate that if systematic planning is done, a reduction in the overall cost of the rent is possible.

Take a look for a better understanding

For better understanding, the following analysis is given. The situation mentioned here is hypothetical, but it surely has practical propaganda that can bring good results. Let’s say there is a mall demolition project. The contractor gets into a deal with a dumpster rental company. There is a requirement for four dumpsters of the size of 40-yards. The budget finalized for this deal is $2,000. There is another rental company that can provide dumpsters of the size 20-yards. The size of the container being smaller, there would be a requirement for eight such tanks. The price for each container is given at $300 each. That makes the total sum to $2,400. If one goes with the second deal, that is clearly a loss. Whereas the first deal ensures a discount of 16%.

The above presumptive exemplifications throw the possibility of a more profitable deal being possible with proper planning and execution.

A brief glimpse of the general pricing of the dumpster rentals

The following pricing is accepted and prevalent nationwide. However, this is an approximation and may vary slightly.

Size Approximate Price
5-10 YARD $200-$304
15 YARDS $322
20 YARDS $350-$383
30-40 YARDS $441-$488

It is mostly observed that if you rent a big sized dumpster, that will prove more cost-effective than the smaller ones. Also, the more the number of dumpsters you order, the better are your chances for availing discounts. However, always ordering the bigger size is a smart move. If you don’t have to order an additional dumpster, that is equivalent to saving a big deal. Hence, while finalizing a deal, you have to consider a lot of factors as mentioned above. Many clients make the mistake of choosing a lower budget, totally ignoring other factors such as weight, volume and time period. Consider every element and then go for the pricing for the dumpster rentals.

An easy method to calculate the volume of debris

Estimating the size of the dumpster required is essential. For doing the same, there is an easy formula given by FEMA.

If you have to estimate the debris that may be accumulated from a building, follow this-

  • Multiply the length, width, and height along with 0.33/27. That will give you the approximate value of debris in cubic yards.

If you have to estimate the debris that may be accumulated from a house of a nuclear family, follow this-

  • Multiply the length, width and the number of stories with 0.20 and VCM. VCM stands for the vegetative cover multiplier, and it signifies the yard waste. The product that you get is the approximate value of debris in cubic yards.

One ton of debris collected from demolition or a construction site is equivalent to the value near to roughly two cubic yards. After you have a rough idea of the weight of the trash, you can easily calculate the weight of the trash container to hire. If your project is a big one, then you should go for a fifty-yarder dumpster. However, not all companies may have such a massive trash bin. You need to look for the one that has that massive carrier. You can easily get a forty-yarder because it is easily available. It is important to keep in mind that in the case of clean-loading debris that is heavy, you need a 40-yarder. For the trash that is lower in volume, you need a dumpster ranging between ten to twenty cubic yards.

Points to keep in mind

In order to maintain a smooth workflow, proper strategy is required. This is simply because you are working on a big site. As mentioned earlier, effective planning may help you reduce your gross budget. You can avoid delays in your work process if you act according to a strategy. Also, it is better to keep transparency with the company for a smooth transition. Follow the next section to frame out your working strategy as sketched by experts. Here they go. Make sure not to skip any point for best results.

1. Keep the site clean

Do not keep piling up all the trash. This can make way for accidents or unnecessary hassles. Also, it makes the premise look awful and is definitely not good for the environment and especially your workers. What you can do instead is immediately dispose of the trash in the containers. It should be your prime aim to maintain the health security of the workers in your place.

2. Analyzing the requirement

This point has already been discussed and has been included in the list of priority. Once you have an idea of the total volume of debris that may get accumulated you have to finalize the time period and the numbers of dumpsters. Also, whether these trash bins will swap-out it or will live-load be another point that you need to decide. Make sure to have a clear discussion on these matters before you finalize a deal.

3. Cost-cutting

Certain ways may help you avail a discount on your billed amount. If you can bring them more clients, you are sure to get discounts in the future. Or, if you hire multiple dumpsters that again is a good way for cutting short on the expenses. Also, to your surprise, there are special discounts available for senior citizens. Maybe you should take help of your grandparents. Lastly, avoid falling in the trap of big companies, instead go for the local ones.

Finding a good dumpster rental is not that hard, especially if you live in and around Houston. Hopefully, this article will help you walk in the right direction. Stay tuned for more such articles.



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