Some Considerable Kodi Builds for 2019 and Ways to Bypass Netflix Detection of VPN

There are many Kodi Builds out there developed and published by independent developers. For those who don’t want to waste time by installing each individual add-on separately, you can get all these at one place by installing Kodi builds. Kodi builds will help you watch movies, Live TV, TV shows, videos, music, and sports easily.

In this list, we have compiled many top Kodi 17 builds which are still working in 2019. However, before installing any of these, make sure that you use a good VPN also, which will enable private and safe streaming through Kodi. 

Round of top 2019 Kodi builds

1. No Limits Magic Build

 No Limits claims to be on to the top of the Kodi add-on list for 2019 for various reasons. Even though there are many Kodi builds, which are shutting down lately, No Limits Magic Build always kept up to the occasion and continue to offer the best services for Kodi users. 

2. Xontech

Some top categories under Xontech build are Sports, Live TV, Kids, Music, TV Shows, Docs, etc. apart from movies. Live TV section is loaded with a wide range of live TV channels. Xontech is one of the best builds for Kodi 18 (Leia) having a 348 MB size, and it may take a bit longer to download it. 

3. Fury X 18

Fury X 18 is a top Kodi 18 Build which is the successor of the old Fury X 17 released by Indominus Wizard. The build has everything you need as movies, sports, TV shows, kids, music, horror, religion, all in one add-on, etc. The download size comes to around 250 MB.

Bypassing Netflix VPN blocks

VPN blocking is becoming very common now, and the major streaming services like Netflix are doing it so intensively. Governments and other agencies are also now keen on blocking VPNs to restrict user content access. Many VPNs are blocked this way, but you can effectively bypass the VPN blocks using some smart techniques are discussed below.

You may choose a good VPN service which features Obfsproxy technology. Some top VPNs like TunnelBear feature Obfsproxy which make your data encrypted, which may look like regular traffic while coming across the deep packet inspections too.

You may also try using applications like Shadowsocks, which is primarily an open-source app that is working on SOCKS5 protocol for data transfer through proxy servers. This also is an effective method to bypass internet monitoring and filtering. At this uses a less centralized VPN, it becomes for the VPN monitors to detect it and ban.

Using a good VPN can surely help bypass the VPN blocks, but not all VPNs can do the task. Check if your VPN offers many servers across many locations and you have to scope of upgrading your IP’s effectively. Netflix detects VPN, so some top recommendations to bypass it are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, Surfshark, IPVanish, etc.

Kodi builds

4. SG Console

This build features a very simple user interface, but still, it may be a bit complicated for the users who are using a Build for the very first time. SG Console has many categories under it as Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Family, Live TV, Kids, etc. The file size is closely 286 MB.

Some other choices to make in terms of top Kodi builds are Breezz, Franks Build, Blue Magic, Kodi World, Nebula Build, The Smokin, The Last Kingdom Family, Atomic Build, etc.