How To Develop Your Taste with New Vape Juice Flavors?

As vaping popularity increases, most people develop a specific taste with e-juice flavors. Vaping has dozens of flavors, ranging from rich tobacco to refreshing mint, sweet chocolate, and juicy strawberry. If you want to switch to a fresh taste or try a new flavor, several tricks to try. You won’t get the best flavor when the liquid is not suitable for your device. This guide takes you through everything you can do to develop your taste with new e-juice flavors.

1.   Choose the correct vape.

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Have a vape with the best quality atomizer to enjoy the flavors whenever trying an unfamiliar taste. Every kit has its characteristics, including wattage ratings and temperatures where it functions best. Ensure you have the best device from that will provide the best out of your e-liquid.

The setup of your atomizer can influence the flavor you fetch. For example, organic cotton wicks provide better flavors as they are made of natural fibers. Using these wicks will give you a specific taste for your buds. Use non-reactive metals like nickel in your coils as they don’t affect the liquid taste. Also, select a vape with bottom coils as they provide more intense flavors for your fresh taste.

2.   Choose the old category’s flavor.

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The best way to develop your e-liquid taste is to move from the known to the unknown. If you are switching flavors, try staying in the same category to avoid a cold-turkey switch. Changing flavors when trying a new taste will affect your vaping experience.

Therefore, focus on maintaining the same flavor notes, such as fruity e-juice flavors, instead of jumping from fruity to non-fruit notes. You can’t switch from tobacco to a mango flavor and satisfy your palate since they aren’t in the same flavor notes.

3.   Wean yourself slowly

You can’t switch from one flavor to another and enjoy the taste. It’s crucial that you slowly adjust to the new flavor by taking a couple of hits while still using the old one. Eventually, you will get used to the fresh taste and make a complete switch with ease.

For example, lower the nicotine levels of your e-juice when starting a novel experience as you look for the sweet spot. Use little nicotine with the other flavor if your taste buds aren’t used to it. The best solution is to start at lower settings and work your way until you get the e-liquid spot where it tastes better.

4.   Stick with the same VG/PG ratio and nicotine strength

Most people develop a preference for the VG: PG ratio of vape juice. It’s better not to mess with the ratio and nicotine strength if you have a particular taste. Sticking to the same VG: PG ratio ensures you maintain the same taste.

For example, cloud chasers prefer high-VG juices because it produces thicker vapor and more significant clouds. Once you are used to this ratio, ensure you maintain it when switching to a new flavor. You can’t be switching between high and low VG: PG levels and enjoy vaping. In case you want a distinct feeling, shift the ratio to modest proportions.

5.   Have a clean tank and fresh coil

If you care about having a distinct flavor taste, keep your coils, wicks, and tanks clean. New coils and clean tanks make for a better flavor that will stick with you forever. Sometimes the flavor of an old e-liquid can influence your unfamiliar taste. Therefore, ensure you start with a clean taste without old flavor residues. When you clean the tank, remove any old vape juice residue to ensure you don’t taste a blend of two flavors simultaneously.

Even the best vape mods will not give you the required flavor if you don’t keep them clean. Cleaning the tank alone may not be enough to get rid of an aftertaste. You also need to wash the coil and remove any residual traces.

6.   Avoid vaper’s tongue. 

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An essential skill to having a better e-juice flavor is to fight the vaper’s tongue. When you vape the same e-liquid for a prolonged period, your taste buds will get used to it, causing a vaper’s tongue. This is the biggest problem when vaping your juice’s flavor seems to lose its punch. You may struggle to enjoy other similar-tasting liquids if you don’t fight this vaper’s tongue. The best way to avoid this condition is to change to a new flavor and keep changing flavors.

7.   Do a palatable cleanse

A palatable cleanse calibrates the taste buds, allowing you to enjoy a new flavor. There are several ways to do a palatable cleanse, such as drinking water, smelling fresh coffee beans, or sucking a lemon. Do these in the middle of two flavors to facilitate the switch to a new tone. For example, choose a menthol flavor to act as a palatable cleanse when switching to a different flavor. Drink clean enough water and keep hydrated all the time to help you switch to a fresh taste.

The Bottom Line

Getting used to a new vape juice flavor requires your endurance and a few tricks. Most vapers have a particular palate that develops after sticking to a specific tone. However, you must make adjustments to your e-liquid and see what works for you. You can easily switch flavors without leaving an unpleasant aftertaste if you try these tricks. For example, ensure you approach it slowly and use a clean tank and coil. Whether using salt-based nicotine or freebase e-liquids, these tips can help you get used to a new flavor.