Revolution of IoT Applications Across Different Industries

Revolution of IoT Applications Across Different Industries

According to the McKinsey Global Institute research, by 2025 the profit from IoT (Internet of Things) is expected to increase by $6.2 trillion. Another research by Cisco states that, in 2020 the economic value added by IoT devices will be around $19 trillion. While Gartner states that the number of connected devices will rise up to 20.4 billion by 2020. This fast improvement in innovation is clearing a path for IoT that is changing the manner in which organizations work, independent of the business. It includes connectivity with smart devices, WIFI availability, increase in smartphone usage, digitalization across various verticals, and the impact they have on speed and reduced costs. Since the number of IoT devices grows, the potential security vulnerabilities will increase too. Thus, it is important for all software testing companies to address the software testing needs. 

How Does IoT Impact Our Lives?

Well, IoT has definitely done wonders and imagining a life without connected devices sounds nearly impossible. With IoT devices we can:

  • Overcome a technical issue even before it occurs
  • Travel hassle-free on smart roads that provide routes based on real-time traffic and weather information 
  • An alarm clock that wakes you up on time, switches off air-conditioning when you wake up and prepare coffee of your choice.

Aren’t these wonderful examples of how connected devices have impacted our lives? Well, IoT has a huge impact on our daily lives, IoT has transformed almost all untapped markets including transportation, retail, healthcare, banking, communication and other industries. 

The Impact of IoT on Different Industries

IoT has managed to address a number of challenges that industries have been facing for a long time now. Thus, it is important to have an IoT software testing companyto ensure quality IoT apps are released.

  • Government – IoT enables better decision-making by collecting accurate information, quicker reactions for natural calamities, improving transparency and accountability
  • Transportation – Traffic management to ensure fast, safe and economic facilities 
  • Agriculture – Effectively utilizing resources including water, fertilizers, etc. to generate more predictable demand supply requirements
  • Healthcare – Health maps, online general healthcare facilities, disaster recovery, etc. 
  • Smart Living – Devices that improve quality of life while ensuring safety and security 

There is much more that IoT has contributed to our lives with and there is more to come. In 2020, the sales of connected car products is expected to increase fourfold. IoT in connected cars is going to take a lead and Gartner has also predicted that there will be a quarter billion connected vehicles this year. No doubt IoT is the next revolution in the world that is transforming electronic products a great deal. To implement IoT, organizations need to work closely with a reliable IoT software testing companyand overcome key hurdles in the business. Privacy and security are two major concerns when using IoT devices. Since most of these devices require minimal human intervention, there is potential risk of security breaches. Thus, continuous testing of IoT devices and apps is important to avoid security breaches and protect their systems from malicious attacks.