The Perfect Wedding Gifts for All


Wedding season is a few months away, but for the brides and grooms to be, it is preparation time.  It’s time to visit wedding venues, sample fine wines and tasty meals, and scour the internet for the perfect gifts for the loved ones at their wedding.  Wedding couples have so very much to do leading up to their big day, from ordering flowers to picking out the band.  Some of these tasks can be fun, but many are tedious at best.  

One of the enjoyable jobs of a bride and groom is to take some time to find the perfect wedding gifts for their favorite people.  The friends and family in their wedding that mean the most to them.  The people that got them to the altar, through thick and thin.  For these people, you can’t just wing it.  You need to think about each person at your wedding party and what they enjoy.  Are they outdoors people, big drinkers, or classy dressers?  Tapping into what they love is the ideal way to gift the perfect item.  So let’s take a look…

Personalized watch

Gifts for the Groom:

Brides to be, yes it’s your day, but don’t forget the man you are sharing your life with.  What better way to start your wedding day than gifting your best friend a meaningful item, like a classy watch or cufflinks set to spice up their wardrobe?  Custom jewelry is all the rage, so get your guy something stylish to show him you are thankful that he’s meeting you at the end of the aisle.  So grab a personalized watch or shiny suit set and make him smile even wider the morning of the wedding.  

Personalized jewelry

Gifts for the Bride:

Grooms to be, I certainly don’t need to tell you that women LOVE jewelry.  It’s innate, instinctive, they’re born with it, quite simply women and jewelry go together like peanut butter and jelly.  So guys, let’s not complicate things.  Grab your girl a shiny new gem and make her day even better!  And to make it more meaningful, get her a piece of elegant personalized jewelry.  There’s one thing we can all agree on, just like the sun will come up tomorrow, is your bride-to-be will definitely enjoy it!

Personalized flask

Gifts for the Groomsmen:

Fellas, you know what your boys love, so this one is EASY.  What gets them going?  Is it a day on the slopes taking a swing out of their personalized flask?  Is it an afternoon on the golf course puffing away at their stogies?  Maybe your guys love to dress up, so a groomsman swagger box is a gift.  Whatever your boys are into, there is a gift for them out there.  Take a look at these ultra-cool personalized gift sets that are diverse enough to make all your dudes happy, and are a great way to say thanks. 

Personalized gift sets

Gifts for the Bridesmaids:

Who doesn’t like to open a box?  A gift in a box is just that much more special.  The anticipation and wonderment of what’s inside got your blood pumping.  Put a shiny ribbon and classy personalization on the enclosure and you’ve got the ideal package to place a gift.  

So what can go inside these personalized gift sets?  Well, as you’ll see, the ideas are endless.  Fill them up with all the things your ladies love.  Personalized wine glasses, lip balms, robes, jewelry, or candles are superb items to thank your girls for being a major part of your big day.  They’ll love opening the box, and they’ll love what’s inside even more.  

A whisky and a bag

Gifts for Mom and Dad:

Absolutely do not forget the most important people in your life, good old Mom and Dad.  The constants, the rock-solid backbone of your family.  Take a step back and think about where you would be in your life without them.  Let’s be honest, the two most important people that got you to that alter are your parents.  Besides having a great time at your wedding, the next best thing you can do for them on your big day is thanks to them with a gift.  

We all know what dads like…golfing with their buddies, a whiskey after dinner, or a cigar out on the deck.  Dads can be outdoorsmen or homebodies, so whichever guy you love, get them what they’ll enjoy.  You’ll know the gift when you see it.

Moms, correction, women LOVE bags!  Much like jewelry, there isn’t a woman out there that will turn down a nice bag.  Just like a bird knows how to fly, a woman knows how to pick out a bag.  Personalized bags for women have become very popular and come in all shapes and sizes.  From handbags to weekenders, from canvas to leather, there is a bag out there for every bag-loving woman.  So get mom the style she enjoys.             

Wedding favors

Gifts for all Guests:

When everyone exits your wedding, what are they leaving with?  Yes, obviously the most important thing is everyone walks away with a smile on their face, and the memories of all the fun they had at your wedding.  But physically, what are they holding as they’re walking out the door?  Get them some fun and meaningful Wedding Favors!    

Sites like Forever Wedding Favors offer a wide variety of wedding reception table gifts.  These small items are customized to fit any wedding theme out there, from aviation themed to topical, they’ve really got it all.  Some cool things to have to decorate your wedding reception tables could include personalized bottle openers, wine bottle stoppers, personalized coasters, or personalized playing cards.  These are all small items that everyone can bring home and use around the house for years to come.  Items that your loved ones can use from time to time, smile, and remember your wedding day.  
We know being a bride and groom can feel like a full-time job.  As the process goes on, and the days get closer to your wedding, I’m sure you both wish you had a personal assistant to run around and do all your errands.  For some, maybe that’s the case, but for most, this wedding prep is all on you.  From Bridesmaids to Groomsmen, Moms to Dads, there are so many gifts out there.  Just narrow down your focus to what the most important people in your life love and value, and remember, when you personalize a gift it becomes more meaningful.  So look for personalized gifts for men, and personalized gifts for her to say thank you.  Remember, t’s not just your big day, it’s kinda theirs too.   

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