10 Best Games for Knowledge

Video games are very entertaining and kids like to enjoy them very much. Even young people and adults also like to play some of these games. One of such games is Pokémon which is very popular, and people can install it on their Android mobiles and play them. There are many games available but the gamers need an Android phone which has a fast processor, decent screen, long battery life, and enough storage space to store the tames. Online games are also available and people can play games while being connected to the internet. Here are some of the games, which are popular among children and adults.

Pokémon Sun and Moon

This game consists of new entries and can be played by a single player whether online or offline. It is suitable for children and adult and they can get addicted to it for a long time. If people want to play it in a group, they can do so online in which they can fight many battles. The players can communicate with other players through basic phrases and emoji.

Just Dance 2019

This is a multiplayer game in which users can play with the local multiplayer as well as online players. One player can dance on the same floor and with other players. The game does not provide the facility of communicating visually or verbally. The players have the option of looking at the score of the top dancers. There is no parental supervision needed to play the game. Since the matches are random, so players cannot always play with the same player instantly.


Mine craft is a game popular among the children. The game has also become popular among the teachers as it provides assistance in solving various problems. It can be played by a single player. If the children want to pay it with other children, they can do so by being online. The players have the option of sharing their creations with other players. The can also download the creations shared by others. The game comes with console parental settings which can be used to disable the chat.

Star Wars Battlefront II

This game is lovable for those who like to play action games. There are many characters available, which the players can use to play the game. Users must have Xbox or PlayStation 4 pro console in order to play the game. The game can be played by kids and adults.

Splatoon 2

Splatoon is a shooter game that is loved by the kids. The kids have to play the role of inklings, which has the feature of converting itself into squids. The players can compete with other players in this game. The main aim of the game is to color the field of the opponent layer by spraying colors ion walls, floors, and other parts of the field.


It is a popular video game that can be played by both kids and adults. Users have the option o connecting with 99 players and play the game. A player can claim victory on the basis of game rules. Players can do voice chat as it is enabled by default. The chat can be disabled with the parental controls.


This game is a mixture of Super Mario Bros and Minecraft. There are 2D levels, which the players have to cross while fighting with the monsters. One player has the option to connect with seven other players to play the game. Parents have the option of disabling the chat through parental controls.

Rocket League

This game is a combination of soccer and racing. There is a variety of vehicles, which the players can drive on the soccer field. Eight people can play the game simultaneously. Users can personalize their cars as per the available settings.

Lego Kids

Lego is a website which has an enormous amount of games that the people can play either online. Users just have to click the game and it will be loaded in the browser. There is no need to sign up and create an account.

Super Bomberman R

This is an arcade game, which is compatible with modern consoles. The player can play it solo or with local multiplayer. If the game is being played online, eight players can join and play the game. In this game, a player has to defeat the other player by placing bombs

Final conclusion

There are many games that the players can play online or download on their PCs and smartphones and play. These games are enjoyable and can be played by both children and adults. If a game has, the option of chatting parents can block it through parental controls.

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