4 Makeup Secrets Revealed by Celebrity Makeup Artists

Are you wondering about how differently do the celebrity makeup artists work than you? Well, we may not be able to give you all the details, but we have collected a few important tips which will help you get closer to achieve the finished makeup look just like many celebrities.

1. Face

Mix foundation with a moisturizer and apply for light coverage and for heavy coverage you can mix the foundation with powder. If you want a glowing face, then mix a golden eyeshadow with the foundation to give you luminous skin. Make sure that when you buy concealer of foundation, to match it with your skin tone, try in on the inside of your arm rather than the back of it.

2. Eyes

To reduce dark circles under the eyes, apply concealer in a triangular shape with the pointed end towards the cheek. You can reduce the puffiness around your eyes by using a chilled eye lotion on your eyelids before doing makeup. Try using mascara before applying liquid liner to get the perfect flick and if your mascara is drying, then add a few drops of saline solution to it to moisturize the formula.

Apply primer to the eyebrow as well and use a sharpened pencil to draw in the finished brow. To strengthen your eyebrows and make it grow, use a nourishing balm on the eyebrows as your bedtime routine.

3. Cheeks

To make your skin look radiant from beneath the skin, apply the blush below the foundation. You can also use two colors of blush to get a better effect like use the pink color on the apple of the cheek and peach or coral at the highest point of your cheekbone. For your blush to stay on longer, just use a gel layer under the powder.

4. Lips

To achieve the perfect red lips, start by applying a lip color the same as the undertone of your complexion and then apply the red color to your lips center which will make your lips look fuller. You can use a color corrector to neutralize your lip tone and make the lips looks more vibrant. Do not forget to use a lip liner and start by drawing a cross across the cupid’s bow to get the perfect lips shape. If you wish to test the lip color if it will go with your color tone then test it by applying to the inside of your fingertip rather than trying it out at the back of your hand as the tone of the inside of your fingertips matches your lip color. To lift your lips, you just need to apply concealer around your lips.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking forward to becoming a pro in the makeup industry just like several celebrity makeup artists, then it is essential to take a formal makeup education where you will get a certificate at the end of the makeup kurser (course). Such courses are informative and teach you all the inner tricks and tips of makeup which will help you become a real professional and shine in the industry.