8 Most Healthy Snacking Alternatives to their Unhealthy Counterparts!

It’s tantalising how a cheeseburger hits your taste buds and satisfies your cravings! Even those pizzas look enticing, and coke could just be awesome with it! But hey, these aren’t just hitting your tastebuds, but also your waistline! It isn’t shocking!  You knew very well that junk is going to spoil not only your physique but for your health too — and even then you had it, right? You are guilty, hence proven!

 We all commit this crime of gobbling junk even when we shouldn’t be having it! But the matter is, you are hungry, these options are just too scrumptious! And gradually as you have them regularly, you become addicted to them too! Yes, junks can be addictive, and if you aren’t doing something to quit them soon, you are going to turn into a slave of (unhealthy) snacks!

Best and healthy alternatives for junk food!

Ok, so are you thinking of the ways to eradicate junk from your life and welcome the healthier options? Don’t worry, we are here to help!  Just read below and stock the needful in your kitchen pantry ASAP!

1. Chocolate – dark chocolate — Milk chocolates can be enticing and full of fats and bundles of calories! Switch to a far better and healthier option of dark chocolates. It’s rich in fibre, essential minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc, etc. and full of antioxidants.

2. Potato chips —Sweet potato items — Forget those packets of chips that are full of preservatives, unhealthy flavours, and salts — and accept sweet potato options instead. These are full of vitamins and extremely beneficial for your heart.

3. Ice cream – frozen yogurt —While ice-cream is churned milk with sugar and consequently pretty unhealthy, frozen yogurt is full of probiotics and could be a natural alternative for the former.

4. Sweets —healthy snacks — People with sweet tooth can’t just help biting a toffee or a biscuit occasionally. Instead, opt for Nibble bags for healthy snacks delivered in Australia right at your doorstep. These bags full of nutritious and yummy snacks like dried fruits, nuts, etc. can satisfy your hunger and nutritional needs simultaneously.

5. Cake — banana bread — Cakes have all purpose rising flour that can eventually give your bodyweight a raise too! Go for banana bread instead, that can be made with whole wheat having lots of fibre and resembles a cake in taste and texture.

6. Aerated drinks — juices — Aerated drinks are basically processed drinks with a large amount of sugar that can harm you at many levels. On the other hand, fruit juices are full of essential vitamins and antioxidants that are needed for your body on a daily basis.

7. Coffee — hot chocolate drink — As you grew up, so did your hot drink. Your hot chocolate actually matured to coffee. Coffee contains caffeine, which if consumed in excess, affects your body negatively. Why not exchange it for a hot chocolate milk drink that’s far healthier and richer?

8. Muffins —fruit tarts — There’s this growing craze for cupcakes or muffins with butter and sugar cream on top that is extremely yummy, but sinfully unhealthy! Go for fruit tarts instead. The taste never dies and health is guaranteed too.

We often fail to realise, but replacing unhealthy with healthy is actually very easy! Just be mindful of what you put in your mouth and embrace health and wellness.