5 Escapades for the Die-Hard Nature Lovers

The fresh air, warm sunlight and moist grass beneath your feet can do wonders for your body. It’s a known fact that being in nature calms us, soothes us and even heals us. Getting away from noise and pollution is extremely important. For nature lovers, especially so.

If you’re a city dweller itching to get out, or a nature fan up for the next adventure, here are 5 beautiful escapades you must visit. You’ll emerge anew, we promise.

Yellow Stone National Park, Wyoming

This destination has so much to offer, you’d be a fool not to visit. The greenery is home to a variety of wild animals that you can observe in their natural habitat, just stay away from the bears though. You can also go hiking or go rafting or paddling in the Yellow Stone Lake. Or try fishing. You can also see Colorful Hot Springs as well as Geysers Erupt. Camping doesn’t need to be mentioned now, does it? To experience the great outdoors you must get out in the open after all. Just be sure you book in advance though. It is a popular park and many throngs to this site for some time off.

Lake Mead, Nevada

Located just a few miles from Boulder City, it backs up to the well-known Hoover Dam so you know it’s going to be a place to see. You can set up a tent and camp under the glorious night sky and you can enjoy some fish at night after you catch them. You can also go boating and hiking. If you get bored, just hop into your RV and make for the Black Canyon. Be the explorer you always wanted to be.

Santa Rosa County, Florida

You want some diversity in scenery, look no further than nature’s gem that is Santa Rosa County. Sun bathe on the beautiful white beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, toiling away time or head towards the Blackwater River and try your hand at kayaking and canoeing. Love turtles? Head to Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center and interact with these loving reptiles. If you want to spend time with some animals then a visit to the Gulf Breeze Zoo is a must. There is so much to see in just this one place, be ready to take out lots of time for this trip.

Moab, Utah

Think greenery is overrated? Then you might want to visit the sandy haven that is Moab. Located a few hours south of Salt Lake City, it offers the perfect retreat.

The Dead Horse Point State Park offers breathtaking desert landscapes. Take a picnic basket there and be sure to wear your comfy joggers for the 9-mile loop hiking trail. Or take a trip to the Arches National Park nearby. Great for hikers and rock climbers, you can also rent a jeep and enjoy the scenic drive. And what better way to end the day than to get fresh home brewed root beer from the Moab Brewery.

Savannah, Georgia

The next on our list is Savannah. The Skidaway Island State Park is ideal if you want a great trip, but don’t have big bucks to spend. Take a walk beneath the magnificent live oaks at Forsyth Park, or dance around the campfire long after the sun has set. You can take a sight-seeing tour and see the historic waterways, forts, and mansions. A dolphin tour is something you wouldn’t find anywhere else, so you might want to give it a try. You can also try Jet Ski, kayaking or para sailing. What more could you want?

Final Words

As you interact with nature be respectful towards it and take it as an opportunity to educate yourself about it. Be sure to get apps like Picture This and Google Lens, they’ll tell you all you need to know. They will help you identify the pretty flowers and animals you haven’t seen before. It’ll add to the experience. All you need for this is just a good internet connection like Spectrum internet and you’re covered. Let nature help you heal and help nature heal too. Go on, an adventure awaits!