Can CBD Help You Get Better Sleep?

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CBD seems to be all over the place for now. It is almost impossible to walk in a grocery store without stumbling on a CBD product or any product with CBD as one of the ingredients. This magic elixir has gradually worked its way into our lives and many things we use today.

There are indications that CBD may treat anxiety, chronic pain, improve skin health, and help with epilepsy. Anyone can order CBD products online and available in various forms over the counter. Interestingly, there is strong evidence that CBD might help with sleep as well.

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One might wonder why marijuana, a substance that will make users high, induces sleep. However, CBD and THC are cousins with different characteristics. The THC counterpart is majorly responsible for getting users high. However, many CBD products approved for sale today have less than 0.3% THC. As a result, people can use it for various things without worrying about getting high.

CBD for Sleep

While there are many uses of CBD, many people use it due to its effect on sleep. According to many users, they could fall asleep quickly, sleep longer, and wake up refreshed in the morning when they took CBD.

Interestingly, CBD is a stimulating compound for some, rather than sedating them. This is usually a factor in the specific CBD product they use. At times, it might be a matter of the dose or how the body system reacted to the compound.

There is no generally agreed measurement when it comes to dose. The ideal dose depends on the individual. While some users will make do with 10 milligrams, others might need up to 50 mg before the sedative effect kicks in.

However, CBD will only be efficient at the ideal dose of the individual. Taking above or below the necessary dose might not produce the intended result. As a result, users need to start with a lower dose and graduate to a higher one over time.

How does CBD help you get better sleep?

Indeed, CBD is effective for sleep. There are hundreds of reports pouring in from people singing the effectiveness of CBD to revive their sleep life. However, you might want to understand how exactly CBD does work for sleep.

CBD oil does not affect sleep directly. When someone has trouble sleeping, it might be due to underlying health effects like pain, anxiety, stress, etc. When these are out of the way, getting a night of deep and relaxing sleep comes easy.

This section will explore some mechanisms through which Sunday Scaries CBD gummies give you a better sleep.

CBD can Reduce brain Activity when it’s time for bed

We have all been there; the moment you retire on your bed to sleep, that’s when your brain will decide to go to work. It will remind you of who you did not greet well on your way to work, the groceries you need to run the next day and many of such. Many people find themselves in this condition, and CBD can be incredibly helpful in relieving these “excessive thoughts.”

These anxiety-like thoughts are triggered in the body by the process that causes anxiety. When the production of neurotransmitters like glutamate gets in excess, it increases electrical activity in the brain. Such activity keeps us up, alert and awake, alongside a rush of thoughts and emotions. 

CBD oil can reduce such electrical activities, inducing relaxation. This dramatically improves our ability to drift off when it’s time to sleep.

CBD Elongates Sleep Time

According to research, there is more to CBD for sleep than making users fall asleep quickly; it also encourages users to stay asleep longer. The circadian rhythm in the body controls the sleep cycle. It also releases some hormones, which keep us awake during the day. When it’s evening towards bedtime, it releases a different neurotransmitter that enables you to sleep easily.

Some environmental factors like stress, anxiety, etc., can disturb the balance of the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm often acts up early in the morning, making people wake up earlier than they intend to. This happens to people who wake up simultaneously during the night with difficulty going back to bed.

CBD can also help by regulating the circadian rhythm. According to studies, CBD can reset the circadian rhythm, preventing people from waking up too early. With this, one can get deep and restorative hours of sleep.

CBD may Eliminate Various Kinds of Pain

Some people find it difficult to sleep because of other factors like pain. Besides making it hard to fall asleep, it also affects the quality of sleep you get negatively. With different kinds of pain like neurological, chronic, acute, and rest, sleeping will be difficult. When trying to fall asleep, the brain is busy processing the pain, making sense of it, and seeking ways to lessen the effect rather than stabilizing and preparing the body for sleep.

However, CBD comes in again as a powerful painkiller that can stop various forms of body pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can provide relief. This makes it easy to fall asleep.

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CBD has indeed proven to be a valuable tool for anyone who wishes to sleep better. It addresses the underlying causes of sleep problems like pain, anxiety, and worry, providing long-term solutions to sleep issues. While there is no ideal dosage, you need to take what works with your body system to induce sleep.