Cosmetic Surgery Trends And Procedures

There are some findings that suggest cosmetic surgery was being performed during the 16th century, and its popularity has been constantly rising until now. The main difference between centuries is that in the past, procedures were performed just to the people who suffered an injury or trauma. Things have changed over the years, and modern society embarrassed this practice to its full extent.

Thanks to new technologies and tools, cosmetic surgeons extended their diapason of services and there are plenty of new ones introduced lately. The text below will guide you through some of the most important, so go ahead and get informed about current trends.

Cosmetic surgery for men

In not that far past, cosmetic surgery was reserved just for females, but in the last decade, males started to seriously focus on their appearance as well. Men are not shy anymore, and they want to remain fresh, youthful and look handsome. The main reason why men are trying to stay young is a highly competitive job market. Retirement is not the way of living these days, and men all over the world are seeking for various physical corrections.

The most popular procedure among men is a liposuction for a flat abdominal wall. In addition, males often go for nose surgery in order to get a symmetrical nose, and eyelid surgeries which are providing them with a rejuvenated face. Of course, procedures such as facelifts and male breast reductions are among trending ones as well. At the end, the breakthrough in corrective surgery allowed men to grow hair again and widen their jaws so they can look strong and young.

Makeovers for moms

The term mummy makeover stands for a procedure which has a goal to restore woman’s body in the state it was before the labor. This procedure is very popular amongst new moms, and it looks like this trend is going to stay hot in the years to come. Mummy makeover starts with a tummy tuck, which will help in reducing apron effect.

New moms often decide to go for a breast uplift and augmentation as well. These can be done together for the best results. Of course, some liposuction can help in removing pockets of fat, and at the end, some of them finish the makeover with labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. The latter is very helpful in rejuvenating and tightening the vagina.

Keeping it decent

The demand for oversized breasts and behinds is slowly fading away, and modern women are deciding to engage just in natural incremental changes. A lot of them are choosing smaller breast implants and bottom augmentations. Brazilian buttocks and large bosoms are not that trendy these days, and the majority of celebrities took this path as well. They’ll rather go with a smaller chest and pert bottoms. Younger women are getting influenced by famous, so the frequency of mentioned procedures will most certainly increase during the next few years.

Non-surgical treatments are getting hot

Fortunately, invasive procedures and long recoveries are behind us, because corrective surgery is getting better as the time goes by. Top plastic surgeons at Silkwood claim they can make you look 10 years younger with a simple and effective facelift procedure. Cosmetic surgeons started performing relatively painless procedures with little downtime, so you can get back to your life just in a day or two after the surgery. Peels, facial injectables, and fillers won’t cause you a lot of pain, but the effects will be tremendous.

Your eyes, nose, mouth, and eyebrows will be saved from lines and wrinkles, your cheeks will restore their volume, and your second chin will disappear in no time. Keep in mind that these non-surgical procedures are becoming a preventive measure. This practice will ensure a decrease in traditional invasive treatments. Of course, this trend just started, so a few years will pass until it becomes perfected.

Fat grafting

The modern medicine came up with some new fat implantation techniques lately, and they are trending when it comes to facelifting and other treatments. Cosmetic surgeons are now harvesting, purifying and injecting unneeded fat cells to patient’s breasts, buttocks, and as mentioned above, the face. This is done in order to beautify and rejuvenate areas that were traditionally treated with inorganic implants.

Final thoughts

The silver age of cosmetic surgery is among us, and the golden age is just behind the corner. Thanks to modern technology and digitalization, possibilities and options are increasing rapidly. It is good to know that some clinics started working on more natural and less invasive technics. This way, people will regain their youth while keeping their overall health intact.

Unfortunately, the most trending procedures can still come with great expenses, but if your budget can handle that, and your goal is to look and feel better, go ahead and engage in this adventure. Make sure to consult with your doctor before and after the procedure, so you can stay healthy and safe.

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