How to Create a Truly Healthy Home Atmosphere

Companies have turned into feats of architecture and monuments to interior design. It is only reasonable but unfortunate that, in such a world that prioritizes corporate life, the aesthetic appeal of one’s home suffers. We do spend most of our hours throughout the day trapped at work and mired in a sea of obligations beyond the comfortable confines of our own dwellings.

In such a fast world, it becomes practically unthinkable to stop for a second and smell the roses, and we’ll never be tempted to do anything similar unless we turn our homes into environments that entice us. If you just want to have a space for yourself where you feel anchored and comforted, here’s how to create a truly healthy home atmosphere.

Consider colors

90% of a healthy home atmosphere is about hues and nuances. Colour impacts us on deep psychological and emotional levels, but each of us reacts differently to certain combinations. This is why you should do extensive research about color psychology and its long-term effects on the human psyche before you decide to repaint the walls and rearrange the room in order to make it more relaxing.

The rule of thumb goes that milky and gentle pastels of green and yellow are the best primaries for a room that lulls you into a sense of safety, however, there is so much more to it. White is never a bad default option due to its light and clean quality, and certain shades of blue can certainly lend a crisp quality to every interior. The choice is ultimately yours and this is one of those aspects of interior design that is really a matter of subjectivity, though its importance cannot be stressed enough.

Go for organic appeal

Rooms with organic appeal have a much more relaxing effect on those who dwell in it for prolonged periods, but first, we have to clear up what this stylistic direction entails. Thankfully for you, the organic appeal is an umbrella term that embraces a range of different styles, from ornate rustic to sleek minimalism. It is partly about the arrangement of colors, but it is more about texture than anything else. The goal is to take gentle colors of the earth – airy green, cream, sandstone, brown, gentle pastels one can find in a meadow – and combine them with furniture frameworks of stained wood.

Rugs, tablecloths, and pillow jackets make half of it work, and organic wool, textile, and other natural materials are what finally sells it. With their natural appeal, eco-friendly jute rugs can, in the ever-so-true and immortal words of Jeff Lebowski, really tie your room together. They are a small detail that makes a world of difference, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve this natural effect.

Plants will make anything work

Civilization has torn humanity and nature asunder, but we all still feel that innate, primordial pull towards things that are alive and purely natural. This is why, no matter what sort of home you have on your hands, introducing plant life into the proceedings will make any arrangement work. It is one of those life hacks of interior design. Have a comprehensible maintenance plan and clear out your living room at least once a week in order to keep it manageable.

However, make sure to purchase greenery which is not particularly hard to manage, just in case. You can also bring small details into your home – such as acorns, gravel pots, pressed plants and leaves framed on the wall – in order to have referential visuals that will remind you of nature around every corner.

Declutter all of it

It is easy to advise someone to declutter, but we all fall into that trap of piling trite stuff upon trite stuff of paraphernalia, clothes, magazines, and everyday items until we create chaos that is completely out of control. Cluttered rooms cause low-key anxiety and discomfort, so in order to emulate a healthy environment, you should find the most reasonable storage solutions that work for you and start cleaning it all out.

We all know that a home is not an assembly of elements. It is not about the furniture, singular pieces of pottery and unique elements arranged in an interior environment. No, if you want to own a truly relaxing, comfortable house where you can detox after a hard day of earning your keep, whatever lies within those four walls needs to be more than the sum of its parts.

Stop for a second and ponder on what really makes you happy and relaxed; what are your own aesthetic sensibilities? One element will begin to stack onto the other and, before you know it, the healthiest, most comfortable home of your dreams will emerge in front of you. And the trick is – it will not take all that much effort to make it so.

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