Why You Should Include Lifting Weights in Your Fat Loss Training Routine

Search on the Internet on ways to lose body fat and you’ll be met with tons of recipes and training routines. Don’t forget the different types of magic pills that promise to help you lose huge amounts of body fat in seven days.

However, the best way to shed excess body fat is by coupling an efficient workout schedule with a healthy diet. But what kind of exercises should an active training regimen consist of? Should it include weightlifting or should you go for cardio?

Many people think that cardio workouts are more efficient in weight loss than lifting weights. However, in a real sense, weight lifting can be more effective than a cardio sweat session.

Here are reasons why you should include lifting weights into your fat loss training routine.

Gaining Extra Muscle is Beneficial

Almost everybody is willing to part with body fat in exchange for lean muscle. Weight lifting triggers hypertrophy. Basically, hypertrophy involves the recovery, repair, and growth of muscle tissue.

Studies show that having more muscle boosts your basal metabolic rate, translating to burning extra calories. Lifting weights will lead you to gain more muscle, thus increasing the number of calories your body burns during rest.

Help You Maintain Muscle Mass

Typically, people looking to reduce their body fat content cut down on the number of calories they consume per day. Reducing the number of calories consumed can lead to a loss of lean muscle mass.

However, once you spice up your fat loss training routine with weight lifting, you’ll be able to prevent muscle loss. You can also seek the help of anabolic steroids and performance enhancement supplements available at 120kgs.com for faster and more efficient gains.

Reap the Benefits of After Burn

Lifting weights put more stress on your muscle tissue than a cardio workout. The result of lifting weights is that your muscles suffer wear and tear. During your rest time, your body will continue burning calories to speed up your muscle repair and recovery process.

The result of this is that your body will continue burning calories throughout the day, helping get rid of the excess fat.

On the other hand, you can also consider other forms of workouts such as high-intensity interval training. Research shows that HIIT (high-intensity interval training) can help you burn 25% more calories than moderate cardio work.

Additionally, adding different types of workouts to your fat loss regimen can have other benefits, such as:

Avoid Hitting a Fitness Plateau

A fitness plateau, also known as a fitness rut, is when you don’t notice any significant progress after your training session. This is often brought about by performing similar workouts for extended periods. Combining different exercises will pose a different challenge to your muscles, triggering progressive developments.

Helps You Stay Motivated

You’ll probably get bored repeating similar moves for an extended period. Throwing new workouts or movements to your training regimen will help keep you motivated and sharp, looking forward to your next training session.

Improved Mobility

Lifting weights work on your muscle tissues and bones making you more stable and stronger. More often than not improved mobility and stability levels means that you can easily perform your day to day physical tasks without struggling too much.

Workouts such as deadlifts and the Farmer’s walk can significantly help level up your mobility levels.

Improved Physique

Almost everyone looks forward to having well-toned biceps, glutes, and chest muscles. Including some weightlifting exercises in your workout routine can help you tone your muscles. However, this will also depend on your diet so you will have to strike a balance between the two.

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