Fantastic Tips to Increase Your Kid’s Protein Consumption for Boosting Health & Fitness

It is a huge responsibility for parents today to make sure that the child is consuming nutritious and healthy food. In this era of junk food craze, children are more inclined towards food that tingle their taste buds. The wisest way of helping your kid eat a balanced diet is by mixing up healthy food with food that tastes delicious. You need to strike a balance between nutrition and taste.

Know Your Child’s Protein Requirements

Since protein is actually used for building and repairing tissue, children who are into active sports would require even more protein every day in their diet. Moreover, protein is vital for transporting minerals and vitamins throughout the body. They are great for combating infections and boosting your kid’s immune system.

As per, “Many kids are not big meat eaters, so it’s easy to worry that your child is not getting enough protein in his diet. Children have greater protein requirements based on their weight versus adults due to their growth and development.”

It is actually not that hard to be able to sneak protein into your child’s diet, according to experts. Dairy products and lean meats are, of course, well-known sources, but there could be a lot of alternatives that you haven’t considered yet.

It’s worth remembering that your one to the three-year-old child only needs 13g of protein intake in a day. Four to five-year-olds need about 19-20g. If thinking in grams is hard, you can remember that a cup of milk gives you 8g, a single egg about 7g, and a tablespoon of peanut butter about 4g.

This is easy to remember because a standard protein serving for your child is half a cup of milk, half an egg, and one tablespoon of peanut butter or a third cup of yogurt. Four of five servings in a day should meet your child’s needs easily enough.

The importance of proteins cannot be undermined. In this context, we must know that protein bodies are also, used in biotechnological applications and they are known to provide path-breaking solutions.

Delicious Protein Delights

If your child is fussy about eating meat or other proteins, you may serve up really delicious and easy-to-make fun foods. Let us explore some tips for making delicious high-protein snacks.

Make a Great Start to the Day with Waffles

Waffles for breakfast would certainly be a huge hit for all children. You simply need to substitute the maple syrup or the sugar with a generous layer of peanut butter. Your children would be delighted and they would love the mind-blowing taste and they would be consuming a decent dose of proteins. You may consider sprinkling flax seeds on the waffle to boost the nutrition quotient.

Make Chicken Really Scrumptious

Your child would be thrilled if, for lunch, you serve a delicious chicken burger made at home. Children love burgers and it is best to serve chicken and veggies in the guise of a patty put in between two pieces of freshly baked buns. You may use a tangy sauce for added punch and your kid would be relishing it.

Serve Evening Snacks Packed with Proteins

You may use a protein-rich edamame dip which is quite delectable. Serve the dip along with nuts, cherry tomatoes, and bell papers when your child comes back home from school in the evening. The vibrant colors would make the dish tempting for your child.

Serve a Protein Dessert

Greek yogurt is rich in protein and if served with delicious sweet berry sauce, your child would love it. Greek yogurt would be adding both protein and calcium to your kid’s diet.

The Hot-Favorite Snack

Quinoa is certainly a popular snack not just with adults but also, with kids if prepared cleverly. It is incredibly nutritious and is packed with protein, zinc, iron, and potassium. This surely is a power food just right for your little one. When this amazing food is mixed cleverly with pistachios and apricots it is going to be a big hit.


Milkshakes are a wonderful source of protein particularly, banana and avocado milkshakes. Cutting food in amazing shapes could entice your child. Use cookie-cutters. Arranging food in a fascinating manner could make your child eat more proteins. For instance, cheese, when served as little hearts, could steal your child’s heart. It is crucial to include sufficient proteins in your kid’s meals. Proteins are great for your kid’s muscle building and they just cannot be ignored. With a slight innovation, you could make your child eat enough proteins to fulfill his quota of protein requirement.

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