Latest Popular Wedding Dress Styles for Men

Weddings are the perfect occasion to show everyone how fashionably you can dress. However, it’s important to know how formal the wedding is so that you know whether you should invest in a new tux or maybe go through your existing wardrobe and put together a less formal outfit for a smart casual event. Either way, you should keep your dress game on the highest level and try your best to look dashing while bringing out your personal style. If you need any inspiration, we’ve got a few trendy ideas for stylish men’s wedding attire.

Black-tie event

For a black-tie event, you should definitely keep a tuxedo as the main option. Together with a black bow tie and a white tux shirt, you’ll be perfectly dressed for this highly formal event. Patent leather shoes will flawlessly complement the ensemble. If you want to make the most of your modern look without leaving the limits of formality, go with a tuxedo shirt with a fold-down collar. A pocket square, suspenders, or button studs will be all your outfit needs to stand out.

Cocktail attire

Weddings that go for a cocktail attire will allow you to make the most of your well-tailored, semi-formal two-piece. A navy or a blue suit will be perfectly acceptable for this occasion as long as you match a dress in solid colors with it. A white or powder blue shirt would be the safest choices. To elevate your look, feel free to go for any hue from a dusky pink to a bold check. If you’re bold enough to rock a windowpane or check suit, feel free to opt for one of those options too. You can go with either a necktie or a bow tie, both in patterns, and top the tie off with a tie clip. A pocket square will be a nice touch, while a brown belt and a brown pair of shoes will give the entire ensemble a cohesive look.

Black-tie optional

If the invitation says the dress code is black-tie optional, this doesn’t mean you should appear in your khaki trousers and a beige blazer. Optional simply gets you off the hook for a tuxedo, but it still means you need to appear in a nicely tailored suit. In a rich selection of men’s suits you can find all over the internet and at the nearest shopping mall, pick out a dark suit and a tie to match. If you still decide to wear a tuxedo but you don’t want to keep it too dressed up, instead of a bow tie, you can go for a black satin necktie. A tuxedo can even be a midnight blue instead of black and, to make it more enticing, wear a white bow tie in a pattern. Patent leather shoes are a must along with cufflinks.

Smart casual ensemble

You may be surprised at spotting the word casual on a wedding invitation, but if the word smart is preceding it, you’ll still need to step up your dress-up game. If you’re having trouble finding the balance between casual and smart, just imagine a mixture of formal, more tailored pieces and more relaxed styles. Smart casual blazers will be a great way to pull off this type of dress code. With a stylish pair of chinos to complement the blazer, you’ll have no trouble following the dress code. A button-up shirt in classic colors will elevate your style, while a pair of loafers, monks or driving shoes will be the perfect final touch to the entire outfit.

Final thoughts

Dressing up for a wedding can be a challenge for men, but if you know exactly what to look for in a dress code, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect outfit. From a black-tie tux to smart casual blazers and chinos, men’s wedding attire certainly offers plenty of choices to help you look well-dressed.

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