Making Your Home a Healthy One!

Our homes have come a long way from mere shelters and have become a sanctuary and a place of refuge where we can feel not only protected but enjoy in comfort and happiness. The essence of modern homes today is not to be only an abode but a place where we can flourish and live a healthy and productive life.

When you design your home, there are several factors to bear mind so that you can make it healthy, and comfortable.

Getting rid of clutter

our messy living room

Living in a messy and cluttered home will not create a relaxing and peaceful environment so one part of creating a healthy home is achieving a good balance and that requires getting rid of clutter and keeping things minimal and clean.

Build more storage space in your home and try to resist the urge to keep shopping and bringing new items into your home, but if the particular item or furniture is something you can’t throw away due to some significant personal value or whatever the reason, opt to have the best of both worlds by getting a self storage unit where you can make more space and keep your prized belongings safe and out of the way. Try to re purpose and up cycle things you already have. You can also rearrange the furniture and create a better layout and flow. Designate a space or a whole room for your special retreat where you can meditate, do yoga, read and relax.

If you’re in the process of buying your first home, these are the things to bear in mind during your purchase. Consider getting one of the house and land packages in Sydney to find the best home you can in a good neighborhood and an expanding area that will fit your financial and aesthetic requirements. Then you can decorate it so it becomes your own oasis of health and prosperity.

Ensuring high-quality indoor air

Never before in our history have we breathed more polluted air and when most people think about air pollution, what comes to mind is outdoor air contaminated by car exhaust, factory pollution and all other waste that is pumped into the atmosphere. What people rarely think of is the quality of indoor air that can also contain various types of air pollutants.

One solution lies in purchasing an air purifier that is certified not to emit any kind of health-damaging ozone gas and can efficiently remove common types of indoor pollutants such as VOCs, formaldehyde, pet dander, smoke, dust mites, viruses and bacteria.

If you dislike the idea of paying additional energy costs to filter air continually, turn to a natural option that includes indoor plants. They have a natural ability to produce oxygen and absorb harmful carbon monoxide, toxins and other airborne pollutants. Some plants even can relieve anxiety, stress and restlessness.

One thing you should try to avoid is using artificial air fresheners. They seem attractive with inviting, sweet-smelling scents but they contain harmful chemicals. Instead, opt for natural beeswax scented candles and essential oil diffuser that will also refresh your indoor air and give you a boost of energy.

Keeping your water pure

Pure Water

When it comes to filtering water in your home, there are usually two paths to follow – a single point-of-use filtration, or a point-of-entry water filtration system.

A single point of use filtration includes counter top and under-counter filtration systems and their easy and fast setup and low costs. The filters contain activated carbon that removes sediment, foul odors, chlorine and some heavy metals while improving the taste of water.

Under-counter water filters are very low maintenance – once you set them up, you don’t have to refill the reservoir for months. They use the water pressure to drive the filtration process so there’s no time wasted in waiting and they produce a larger volume of water. They’re also neatly tucked away so there’s no clutter on your counter tops.

The point of entry system delivers fresh and clean water to every outlet you have in your home including your bathrooms. It’s cost-effective and convenient and goes beyond securing clean water just for cooking, drinking and washing the dishes.

Having your own home gives you the chance to design it so it allows you to live a high-quality, healthy life and with tips listed here, you’ll be able to do it easily.