How to Prepare an Amazing Marriage Proposal Following These 4 Simple Steps

No matter if you met in high school, though friends, found each other on dating sites or managed to meet in a club, you found your perfect match. Now, it’s time to seal the deal and get married! This is a huge step in your relationship, so it’s natural that you’re nervous and eager to make the proposal look perfect. But with planning, ring shopping and organizing little details, it can be very hard and stressful to pull off a memorable engagement. Luckily, these four steps are all you need to think about.

Talk to your partner in advance

Before you spend a good chunk of money on the ring, it’s important to ensure you’re both on the same page when it comes to marriage. Try to talk to your partner about your future together. See whether they want to be married one day and how they feel about having a family. It’s very important to be natural during this conversation—you don’t want to ruin the surprise. Keep the subject broad, discuss the recent wedding you’ve been to or discuss the proposal you’ve seen on TV. This is a hard conversation, but it will ensure you know what to expect once you get on one knee.

Buy the right ring

The engagement ring is probably the most important piece of jewelry your partner will ever own, so ensure they really love it. In order to find the right thing, you can browse for amazing engagement rings online and compare the offer with what your partner likes. Check your partner’s jewelry box or consult with their friends and family. Today’s offer of engagement rings is wonderful and you’ll surely find something that fits their style. When it comes to size, you can measure the inside of the ring they love to wear or order a ring size kit. Don’t stress too much about the size, though—resizing is always an option.

Organize the event

Once you have a ring, it’s time for the fun part—planning the proposal. Also, you probably know your partner very well, so take their personality and preferences into consideration when proposing. Would they love a big gesture and an elaborate proposal or would they rather have something highly intimate? Your safest bet is to choose a sentimental spot that can easily be glamorized if needed. Personalization will earn you extra points, so stay clear of those sappy, cookie-cutter ideas (rose petals in the shape of a heart is a no-go). 

Plan your speech

Your speech is very important, especially if you’re recording your proposal. Make sure to speak from the heart, instead of having everything written down, but having a rough sketch of your speech will ensure you don’t leave anything out when popping the question. When it comes to the content of your speech, make sure to play to their best qualities or try to recap your life together or mention you knew they were the One. It’s all about being thoughtful, loving and genuine. And don’t fill your speech with all sorts of additions—it can be very short as long as you show you’re excited about your life together. Just don’t forget to actually say the words “Will you marry me?” You’d be surprised how many people get so excited and emotional that they forget to pop the question.

Once they say ‘yes’, you can turn your engagement into a party. You don’t need anything big—a table for two at your fave restaurant, a bottle of champagne or invite a few friends over. With engagement like this, you can be sure your future together will be as romantic and loving. Enjoy the moment, be mindful and have a camera ready to create lifelong memories.