Taking the Stressors Away: Building Better Mental Health

Who would have thought that modern society can be such a burden? Science cures once incurable diseases, sends cars to space and turns garbage into usable materials. Since the invention of the wheel, humankind has gone on to develop amazing things in order to create better living conditions.

However, these modern achievements don’t prevent stress. Considered a pandemic of the modern world, stress is the culprit for many underlying health and mental conditions. Humans react negatively to stress even if it appears as though they’re managing it pretty well.

There is no cure for stress. Humans are emotional beings and they have developed feelings for people, events and other things from their surroundings. But know that stress can be controlled and remedied. There are various ways to do that, but there are also methods to start preventing it from occurring at all.

One of those methods is decluttering our homes. A busy life and chaotic schedule don’t leave too much room for cleaning, so we make a mess out of our living space. A few things here, some magazines there and soon it will seem as though we’re living in a Super Mario game, jumping over things.

The only way to prevent this is by dedicating some time to creating order at your place. Organising and decorating are beneficial in their own right and decluttering includes them, too. Therefore, get ready to take the stressors away.

1.     Create a cleaning plan


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The best thing you can do is to start decluttering with a plan. The mess may be overwhelming and make you anxious. That will only make you give up before you’ve even begun and that is exactly what you want to avoid.

Make a list of rooms and areas in your home, and even include the front porch and balcony. The garden and yard you can leave out this time or if they’re in order. However, the clutter out there is also something you’ll have to deal with sooner or later.

Under each room, list the subareas you should cover while cleaning. This is especially important for the kitchen, bedrooms and living room since they include cupboards, closets and other storage spaces. Make an observation as to what you should do where. For example, if your kitchen cabinets are in order but only need dusting – note that.

2.     Decoration and renovation

Once you create a decluttering plan, you will feel much better and as though you can think more clearly. This is because you’ve brought order to the chaos and that has given you power over your home. Nevertheless, decluttering is not the only thing that you can do to create a better and more serene space for yourself.

Decorating and renovating a place may seem like a bit much, but it doesn’t have to be. Even the smallest changes like wall paint or a new piece of furniture can brighten up your life. This is a decision you will make after the cleaning, and only because you’ve embraced responsibility for your space.

Add some art on the walls, nice decorative cushions or change the curtains. New linens and sofa blankets can also be enough. These could all be inexpensive items and yet revive your home.

3.     Use plants for a better mood

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In 1989, scientists from NASA conducted an experiment on whether plants can purify the air. This question was important for future space travel. The answer was positive and soon the scientific community started doing its own studies on using these plants in homes.

Besides removing pollutants, these plants made the homeowners feel more relaxed and tranquil. They brought out the connection human beings have with nature. Although the purifying abilities were not as big as in an enclosed space, the effect they had on mental health was undeniable.

Also, if you bring plants into your home, you will build a routine of caring for them. This will give you something to do in your home and make you more aware of the environment you live in.

4.     What you don’t need – eliminate

Over the years you’ve probably piled up things that you don’t know what to do with. Short term storage will help you remove them from your sight after decluttering, but you still have to figure out what self storage prices are within your budget.

The most gratifying thing would be to donate your stuff to charity. That will make you feel as a contributor to someone else’s joy and making their life better. It will not only remove the stress but also give you self-esteem to fight your own way through the chaos.

You can also sell your stuff through apps or, if they’re too damaged, consider throwing them away. Moisture and dirt can turn some things into perfect bacteria breeding grounds. They can also attract rodents and insects to nest there.

5.     Turn your home into a functional place

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For those who work from home, it’s imperative that they create a functional environment for themselves. Dedicate a certain area of your office space and make sure that you respect it as such. No long breaks or leisure during working hours just like you wouldn’t have in an office building. You create a schedule and stick to it so you can get everything done in time.

If you don’t have time for a gym or feel uncomfortable going, consider exercising at home. Yoga and 20-minute HIIT exercises are ideal for small places, while you can invest in a more impressive area if you have enough space.

With regular exercise and an appropriate food plan, you will not only look better but also feel rejuvenated and refreshed. This is because of the chemicals and hormones created in your brain due to the exercise. People even report being addicted to the feeling of well-being and happiness after a workout, so much so that they can’t stop exercising.

Final thoughts

Respecting your space and your needs is the first step in creating a stress-free environment. Your home has to be your sanctuary and not another stressor in your life. That is why by clearing up the mess and with just a few changes you can turn your life around and build better mental health.

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