What Should You Use – A Web Designer or A DIY Website Builder?

There are some nice ways to create a lasting impression on a guest on your website. If you want your visitors to remember your website, and return to it, then among of the many factors which contribute to website marketing and traffic control, one that must be focused on is website design. Website design or web design, however you would like to say it, is highly important still to this date when there are so many DIY website builders throughout the internet. And this is one important area of discussion too on the internet. 

Many of the aspiring businesses and users planning to start their own website often stumble upon this question, that why would they hire a web designer and invest in the professional service, when there are so many website templates and website builders available for free. The answer to this is discussed here.

DIY website builders and professional website designers

When you are about to make a website, then you have two plain choices in website building. One is that you go the free and economical way, where you simply choose a DIY website builder. Another is that you pick a good website designer NYC, reputed for making stunning website designs. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. And they are discussed here. Upon reading them, you will be able to take your own call on this and decide.

DIY website builders

There are many website builders online. Most of them are free. And some would charge you a small or medium amount for the premium templates and guided services. In general, the catch about them is that they are free of cost, and helps you start a website without going through any hassle. You don’t have to learn coding or programming. Only you have to open an account with one of the builders, and then start building the website. Some of the popular ways to build a website by using a website builder are, choosing a template and adding content on to it, dragging and dropping different elements and widgets on to the blank template, or adding widgets and design elements on a simple template. All of these styles work and varies little in operability, ease of use, etc. from website builder to builder. 

Advantages and disadvantages of DIY website builders

The advantages of website builders are:

  • They are free generally and hence inexpensive.
  • Lots of templates and pre-set designs are available.
  • With some maneuvering of designs, you may customize most templates.
  • It takes little time to create a website.

The disadvantages of website builders are:

  • It’s you who have to do everything from start to end.
  • If you are stuck somewhere, you can get help from FAQ sections with some builders and also from the chatbots and support in some templates. However, extensive and in-depth support is generally not available with the free templates.
  • Since you have to give in all your time and dedication to site building, you won’t have the time and focus on other things related to the website purpose or business for some time, at least till the site is full-fledged ready.
  • Customizing a theme/template needs some knowledge and grip on a little bit of coding at times. Hence the attempt to customize may be exhausting in many cases, and may not be successful for everyone.
  • You cannot get a fully custom design so easily.
  • If you need developer support or help in internal customizations later after the site is ready, then you won’t get it.

Website designers

Web designers work individually or as a team. They are professionals. They will charge you a fee to make the website. They will make your website from scratch, and for this, they will not use any template or theme that is available with common website builders. Also, they will create a unique design for you while keeping in mind your requirements, preferences, etc. In every stage of this development process, you will be asked for your opinion, and every step would be finalized when you finally approve the design. Also, full customization would be possible in this process, as you may order for any style and design to the professional, and they would work towards it.

Advantages of hiring a website designer

The advantages of hiring a web designer are:

  • It’s ensured that your website is built as per your wish and choice.
  • You can customize the design and make changes in it until you are satisfied with it, and till the design is finalized.
  • Any complex function or design which can be done with codes can be done in this case, as you hire professional service.
  • You need not compromise or settle down with anything which you don’t like. As because you are paying for the service, you ought to receive the best.
  • While the designer works on the website, you can let yourself free to attend to other important things associated with the site launch or business.
  • The website will be made compliant with all current SEO and marketing needs, and you need not rack your brains for this.
  • You can get thorough support and service for the website while designing it, and later too.

The disadvantages of hiring a web designer are that it’s a paid service, and not free. Hence you need to make a budget for it. There is a website designer available for work in various budgets.

Other than this, there are as such no problems in hiring a website designer. You can always enjoy owning a great unique website designed as per your choice when you get it made by a New York design Company.


Basically, the choice is made depending on the budget. If you have the budget to hire a designer, you would not like to hit your head on website builders just because they are free! Rather you would like to free up your time to attend to other important things while the site gets ready by the hands of experts. However, if you are a creative mind trying to experiment with your creativity, then you might try a website builder for fun and enjoying the free service.