7 Healthy Neurological Activities that Power up Mental Health

Are you the one who is facing ‘brain mist’? Are you the one who forgot to bring your child home after school? If you tend to forget things, this article might contain the solution for you as I am going to share various healthy brain activities or neurological practices with you that will surely improve your mental health.

Our brain has five cognitive functions which are mentioned as follows:

  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Language
  • Neurological skills – for mental and self-regulation
  • Visual and spoken skills

How can you develop these areas? Here are some great practices you can try and see which works the best for you

1. Change in your routine:

By changing your daily routine, you’ll keep your brain active. This also a huge step towards Alzheimer’s prevention. There are many little things you can easily implement in your everyday life. For example: if you are right-handed, try to brush your teeth with your left hand.

2. Try creative activities:

Whenever you feel down, try to pull out a canvas and some paints, and paint something. This creative way of recreation helps to reduce stress, thus preventing age-related cognitive function decline. Any creative recreational activities may increase the formation of new brain cells.

3. Eat healthily

A healthy diet greatly contributed to your mental health. Here are some food types that you should consume regularly:

  • Whole grains (brown whole grain cereals, pasta, rice): promotes flow of blood towards brain and has vitamin E and omega-3
  • Fish (trout, sardines, salmon): contain omega-3 that promotes healthy brain function.
  • Dark chocolates: contains caffeine that is a powerful antioxidant and prevents oxidative stress in the brain.
  • Blueberries: help brain to recover from oxidative stress
  • Protein diet (chicken, meat, eggs, milk): proteins help in the formation of new and active brain cells.
  • Nuts: high levels of vitamin E.


4. Life-long learning

Never stop learning; keeping an active brain is the best way to fight dementia. In our modern lives, there are numerous opportunities out there; try a new sport or learn a new language, or find anything that makes you happy.

You can also hire a private tutor (click here to find one now) or a ‘smile tutor’ to help you with studying. With professional help, you can reach your goals more quickly and together you can focus on cognitive areas that have to be improved.

Find the activity that you enjoy the most!

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