Award Yourself with a Home Theater on a Budget

If you want to enjoy all the perks that a home theater brings, you should know that it’s not difficult to build your own at all! But is it possible to do it without breaking the bank? Absolutely! You’re only a few simple tricks away from it. Keep reading and you’ll learn about all you have to do regarding this enjoyable little project.

One by one component at a time

Buying all the parts together is not a good idea. You’ll need to spend a big amount of money at once and end up compromising. Instead of getting the best, you’ll get mediocre stuff. Purchase only can’t-do-without components right away, leaving the rest for later. This way, you can buy what’s the most future-proof and get the best value for money.

You don’t really need a projector

Perhaps you think a projector’s worth the cost, but here’s a reason why this is not the case- it doesn’t have a backlight, so you’ll need to buy additional materials like blackout curtains and a projection screen. Even if you opt for the best ones with 4K resolution and HDR support, be aware that they are far more expensive than an equivalent-sized TV. So, a projector isn’t necessary, but what you need is a good TV wall mounting service. Luckily, you can find great TV wall mounting in Brisbane, if you come from Australia.

You can re-purpose an old PC

Laptop or Book

You either have an old PC or laptop you no longer use or you know someone who does. To get a good home theater system that’s also quite affordable, you can use it to build a great media center PC. This is very practical and you’ll save a lot of money. A PC can do all the tasks a streaming device can do and it’s very flexible.

Go for cheaper speakers first

You need appropriate speakers for your room, which might mean that you shouldn’t go for the biggest and the most expensive ones. For instance, if your living room is small, a 9.1 channel setup is just too much. You need speakers offering good bipole or dipole output. Most people are satisfied with a 5.1 setup.

A universal remote For Home Theater

Managing all the different devices hooked up to your HTPC is impossible without a good remote control. You need a good universal remote, so get familiar with the most affordable choices that you have. You can even turn an old Android smartphone or tablet into a remote for your PC. There are apps on the Play Store to help you with that.

There’s more to it than just the tech part

Living Room Home Theater

You also need cabinets for all the gadgets, a good and comfy sofa, maybe a mini-fridge for a cold brew… Don’t forget to set aside a certain amount of money for these as well. You can find many freebies and sales, so use them as much as possible!

Invest in the receiver the most

This is the most important part of your home theater. You can see it as the processor of a PC, the engine. The whole thing can be ruined if you don’t do this right. Don’t hesitate to invest in it, but also read about the best options that you have.

Keep upgrading the Home Theater in small bits

You started small because that was the right way to do at the time, but a good thing is that you can always upgrade the room, step by step every once a while. You can take it all to the next level and install 3D at one point! The number of options is limitless!

You need neither a lot of money nor a huge living room to build a perfect home theater. Following the tips mentioned above can be of help to know what to do. Enjoy while working on your project!

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