Some Important Auto Insurance Questions to Ask Before Buying a Car Suiting Your Lifestyle

A car is always a major investment; hence, it must fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Thanks to so many different types of body styles and car models available in the market today, we know that it could be overwhelming to choose the car that is just right for your lifestyle and personality. You would certainly opt for a car that appeals to you aesthetically but you need to keep certain other factors in mind too such as your unique driving habits, what is your car primarily used for, where you live, and the number of family members. For instance, if you are living alone in the hub of the city with just a small spot in a shared parking zone, Jeep or 4WD may not be suitable for you. You must choose a car according to your lifestyle and affordability. 

Car Insurance Concerns

Once you have managed to identify a car complementing your lifestyle, you must next concern yourself with your car insurance plans and what seems best for your pocket and your car. Car insurance claims could be quite confusing and everybody seems to have certain relevant questions to ask if they encounter an accident. Here are some of the most frequently asked car insurance questions and their answers from insurance experts.

What is an auto insurance claim?

As per, a car insurance claim is supposed to be a request that is made to the insurance firm seeking compensation. Insurance claims would be covering damages sustained post a car accident or for intervention or representation on behalf of the insured in the event, they are accountable for any damages.

Is filing a police report necessary after I have been involved in an accident?

If you are thinking of filing an insurance claim, it is necessary to file promptly a police report. If more than just one driver seems to be involved, it is best to file the police report after the mishap so that there is conclusive proof of what took place and the scope of injuries if any.

Will my vehicle be totaled?

When the value of repairing your car seems to be much higher as compared to the original value of your car, it is totaled. Several states have a certain formula to calculate this. There are still others who follow a % threshold. For instance, in Alabama, the car would be regarded as totaled once the repairing costs exceed 75 percent of the car’s value. You need to talk to a professional insurance agent to manage costs.

What should I do to post a total loss mishap?

Besides getting in touch with your insurance agent or locating your title, you need to take some other steps after you are involved in a total loss mishap. You need to know what other steps you could take for speeding up the entire claims process for getting your money at the earliest possible. 

How to handle a Single-Car Accident?

Single car mishaps are always regarded as at-fault accidents. If you do file a claim, an at-fault surcharge would be added to your car insurance renewal costs.


While buying a car to complement your lifestyle and personality, it is best to ask relevant insurance questions. This should help you in making smart decisions.