Does Takespace Online Therapy Make Sense?

Talkspace online therapy is a relatively new form of therapy (but the first research on its effectiveness was conducted already in 1998, Given this fact, the word “new” sounds somehow strange). This form of work with the patient begins to be practiced in our country – especially now in this extremely difficult time. That is why it is worth learning more about this method of assistance.

More and more people use the Internet. Is it worth it also in this case?

Let’s start with the difference between consultation and psychotherapy.

Psychological consultation is one / two meetings. It mainly serves to obtain information and determine the problem. Psychotherapy is a process, a series of meetings aimed at resolving the patient’s difficulties. The number of meetings depends on the complexity of the problem.

There are no contraindications to the online consultation because it is primarily an exchange of information. This form is as effective as traditional consultation. Analyzing previous research, I noticed that this type of help is most needed when a broadly understood crisis appears. It is associated with the need for quick information and emotional support. That is why this form of help seems to be a good solution due to easy access.

In the case of online psychotherapy, the matter is not so simple. Why?

It mainly depends on the complexity of the problem the patient is reporting to. Research on the effectiveness of online therapy was conducted in a group of depressive and anxiety patients, proving its effectiveness. This is very good news for people suffering from depression or anxiety disorders :). Researchers went a step further and checked how the combination of therapy with various programs and applications supporting the treatment process affects. These combinations also brought positive results. Below are some applications that you can download to your phone. In their basic version, applications are usually free, the extended version requires payment.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy aided by computer programs is referred to as low-frequency CBT therapy, in practice, it means fewer meetings with the therapist for the patient’s work.

Patients’ most common fear of takespace online therapy is a fear of relationships. Manchanda and McLaren’s studies indicate that online therapy has no negative effect on the therapeutic relationship. Of course, the first contact can be “strange”, so give yourself time to get used to the new form.

But what about people suffering from other mental illnesses?

Unfortunately, I have not found research confirming the effectiveness of this form of therapy in deeper or more complex disorders (e.g. personality disorders, eating disorders, relationship disorders). Does this mean it’s not worth it? In my opinion – no.

Currently, most people with emotional problems are locked up in homes. If they feel the need to contact a psychotherapist, it is better to choose this form than none. It looks similar in other accounts. We do not have direct contact with family/friends/partner and we do not wait for everything to end, we just call each other, we conduct video conversations.

Therefore, if you need therapy but cannot leave the house, use takespace online therapy. It is better than delaying taking treatment or taking a break of several months in the initiated process.

How to prepare for takespace online therapy?

To make online therapy as effective as possible, it’s worth taking care of a few details:

Check the quality of your internet connection
Find out on which messenger you will be meeting and send an e-mail with information that “You are you” – in this way you will not waste time looking for each other
Check if your microphone/webcam is working properly
Mute phone and computer notifications
Find a quiet, peaceful place
Organize the hour just for yourself – it will allow you to freely touch on difficult subjects and express emotions
If you do not have a suitable computer or microphone – use the messenger on your phone