Serviced Apartments as a Temporary All-Rounder Form of Living

One of the many results of the development of technology throughout the years has been also the increase in traveling – people are traveling for work, pleasure, to see their distant cousins, meet their Facebook friends in person, and for many other reasons. As the world is slowly becoming a global village, we are reaching from across the globe for others and even living in cities in which we know no one.

This was also made possible with the introduction of remote working which gave an additional boost to wanderers around the globe to explore the world until they find a place to settle. That being said, we have a change in the accommodation trend: many business people, those who choose to live a digital nomad lifestyle, as well as tourists are choosing serviced apartments as their preferred place of living. Let’s learn more about the benefits that make them more attractive than staying at a hotel or renting a “regular” apartment.

Feeling more at home

Hotel rooms can be lonely places – for those who aren’t traveling for pleasure and may not have willingly chosen a particular destination, being in such an impersonal space only emphasizes the feeling of loneliness and estrangement. It’s all spick and span and uniform while the mess from your suitcases and toiletries can just seem out of place so it sometimes seems easier not to unpack.

By choosing a serviced apartment, you are choosing all the perks of living back home as a teenager, with your parents being somewhere next door but out of sight (as many misunderstood teenagers like it) and having somebody iron your suit when you go to a meeting. This space seems much less cold and sterile and after a few days, it may start feeling like a real home, and not just a place to sleep over while being in town for a bit of sightseeing or a round of business meetings. 

A unique experience

The possibility to be alone with your thoughts at precisely the time when you need it is a precious commodity and many people revel in it. Having your oasis of peace when you are getting your notes ready for a meeting or when you are making an important life decision is essential but sometimes, being social as we are, we want to feel a part of a community even though we are in Paris, Hong Kong, Vienna, or another place far away from home. The communal areas such as the kitchen, laundry room, and the rooftop will turn your solitary stay at Hong Kong serviced apartments into a unique social experience, should you want so. From chilling at the rooftop at sunset and talking over a glass of wine to teaming up in making tasty recipes, it can be a life-altering experience where you will forge new friendships or at least one you will not forget. 

Providing peace of mind

Living in a typical rented apartment can turn out to be an expensive experience: without panicking or being overly dramatic, there might be some local thief who knows that the apartment is for rent only and who will wait for the opportunity you leave the place to rob you. Being left penniless in a foreign country is not a pleasant notion. 

This is another reason why service apartments are so great – they are always brimming with people and if any of your neighbors turned out to be a thief, they will easily be caught. Besides safety, you will also have peace of mind regarding housekeeping since it’s not at a fixed time but there are different levels of housekeeping service to suit your needs, at a time that works for you best.

They are more affordable

Staying at a hotel can be quite costly which is why many people spend hours and hours on googling for a hotel that boasts both a decent price and loggings. However, it often happens that you think you’ve hit the jackpot only to discover it is on the opposite side of the bus station or the airport, and the time and money needed to get to it simply renders this option useless. 

When you take into account all that this type of accommodation offers, it becomes clear that the hotel-like service (if you want it, of course) coupled with having both privacy in a homey atmosphere and a place to socialize make this option good value for money. Traveling itself can also be expensive – sometimes you will be able to wait for a more affordable travel option and at other times not – but If you can save some money on the accommodation, there is no reason why not to use this opportunity.

Wrapping up

Services apartments offer an all-rounder experience in just the manner you want it. No one will knock on your door and bother you but if you wish to socialize, you have ample opportunity. A home is a feeling, not a place, and this is what these apartments can be for you too.